Monday, 11 March 2019

Thinking about boating for 2019

Well the days are getting longer and thoughts turn to boating.  Leo is presently moored on the Middle Levels and while there we have had a new cratch and back cover fitted:

Here is the new back cover which really needed replacing.  The old one had a pole in the middle to hold it up.  This one has a bendy support above so that crawling in there is much easier.

And here is the new cratch cover:

Though we didn't specify this the side panel of the new one can be removed entirely and has no vertical zip by the cabin.  We've decided to try this new arrangement and see how we get on with it in practice.  Both covers were done by Titan Boat Covers based in St Ives.

So we're all spruced up and more or less ready to go.  However the intention this year is to first go on a 3 week trip to the Outer Hebrides (not with Leo) and then to start boating around mid May.  Our first jaunt then will be another adventurous bit of boating namely crossing the Wash from Wisbech to Boston.  This is a tidal crossing going out to sea for about 7 miles into the Wash.  We've thought about it before and visited both ends of the passage and now we've decided to go for it.  We've booked a pilot and all that is left to do is to check the diesel tank and change both of the fuel filters before we go.  We need clear weather and light winds so keep your fingers crossed.

If we get across the Wash our aim will be broadly to go north this year and we are thinking of the pennine crossings and another trip up to York and Ripon.  We'll try to catch some Silver Propellor points as we go.

We hope to see some of our floating friends on the water this year.  Our friends William and Daphne will be coming over from New Zealand to have their first summer on the waterways.  Their boat is called Jabulani.  Give them a toot and our best wishes if you see them.

We will be updating our blog during the season (the aim is twice a week) and also linking to Facebook.