Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Only a week before we're off!!

We went boating again last weekend but not as we normally show on this blog:

Well we've lived in Knaresborough for three years now and we hadn't yet been rowing on the River Nidd.  So we took the opportunity of having Graham and Liz (a couple of friends from way down South) staying with us to try it.  We had lovely weather and really enjoyed being out on the River with our expert rower at the oars.  Ian just sat there and took pictures.  In case you're wondering Graham and Liz were in a second boat.

We aim to set off on our travels on Leo on Wednesday 20th April giving us plenty of time to cross the Pennines for our appointment on 4 May to go over the Ribble Link to the Lancaster Canal.  This will be new territory for Leo.  Let's hope that nothing stops us going this year.

We hope to see all our boating friends and plenty of landlubber friends too as we pass nearby this summer on our travels.

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