Thursday, 29 September 2016

842 Miles and 648 Locks!

Well that's the total for this year.  Not our highest total but by no means our lowest either.  We got back to our winter moorings near Skipton on Tuesday and I am typing this from our 'bricks and mortar' home.  The wind is howling outside and the pictures below help to confirm that now is the time to give up boating for this year.

After a mainly cloudy day on Monday we were greeted by this unusual sunset in the evening.  It looks as if there is a shadow of something large in the middle of the red bit.  It only lasted for about 5 minutes.

Tuesday was a grim looking day as this picture looking over Skipton shows.  Surprisingly it didn't rain much.  Last year we finished boating in torrential rain and we feared something similar but fortunately it didn't happen.

Only 5 swing bridges on Tuesday and this was one of the last of them.  A lady from a hire boat seen beyond the bridge held it open for us which was very nice of her.

And here we are coming past Snaygill Boats on the edge of Skipton.  Not far now.

So we are home but thoughts do turn to next year.  We had a vague idea this year of cruising the Basingstoke Canal but it was too far.  We know the Basingstoke well from cycling and walking when we lived down south, but we've never taken Leo up there.  I think that will be on the list for next year and we might try Kyme Eau off the River Witham on the way.  The heavy weed growth stopped us in 2015 (see when last we tried this but if we go there early in the year perhaps it will be OK.  And we've yet to do the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union so that will be on the list too.  So it looks like we are going south next year.  When the licence needs renewing at the end of this year we will have to decide whether to go for a Gold licence and venture out on the Nene and Great Ouse again too.

Lots to think about and plenty of time to do so.  Thanks for following the blog if you have been and we look forward to telling you of our travels next year.  Until then, and when the time comes, have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This seems more appropriate having seen Christmas cards for sale in our local Post Office this morning.

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