Saturday, 28 March 2020

Boating Plans all changed

Well, after publishing our plans for boating this year that has now all been blown out of the water!

We  visited Leo on 13th March to finish the winter jobs and now just 2 weeks later we are holed up in Yorkshire under Government restrictions during the coronavirus scourge.

We did discuss weathering the coronavirus problem on the boat but finally decided that we would be better placed remaining on land in Yorkshire which is so far not as badly afflicted as other parts of the country, especially London.  Given that Canal and Rivers Trust have now decreed that non-essential movement of leisure boats is forbidden, that was clearly the right decision.

So at the moment we don't know when (or even if) we'll be boating this year.  It's back to doing a list of DIY jobs, so at the moment Ian is painting the railings in the garden and Helen was last seen spring cleaning.  And Spring is certainly here.  We are just back from our daily exercise walk and have seen lesser celandine, forget-me-not, white violets, borage all in flower.  We've even had some small tortoiseshell butterflies in the garden in the last few days.

So be careful, stay healthy and we'll be back on the waterways when we can.

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